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Where Can I Buy Fig Leaf Tea

In this trial, supplementation with fig leaf tea reduced the extent and severity of eczema in adults with a mild form of the skin condition. However, methodological issues reduce our confidence in the findings.

where can i buy fig leaf tea

In this 8-week randomized controlled trial, 30 men and women (average age of 41) with mild eczema drank 500 milliliters of either fig leaf tea or a placebo. The fig leaf tea contained 100 mg of phenolic compounds, including 18.5 grams of rutin, 11.5 mg of isoschaftoside, 5 mg of 8-hydroxycoumarin, and 3 grams of quercetin malonyl glucoside.

I come from the belief that God made the world for us, not us for the world. With that in mind, I am always amazed but never surprised to find that a plant has multiple benefits and uses for us. That is the case with the fig. Of course, we know that the fruit is delicious and loaded with health benefits. Then there is the sap, which contains a type of latex which is used as a rennet for making cheese. (That was a fun one to discover recently for me.) Now, I have learned that the fig leaf is packed full of nutrients that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure among other things. Can we all say, Wow! According to, fig leaves provide the following health benefits:

I just tried some fig leaf tea. Took a medium sized fresh leaf, blended it, and poured hot water over it. Steeped for 10 minutes with top of cup sealed. Waited another 5 minutes to cool down and drank.

It's not something I would give guests as its quite bland and not much to appreciate or even notice. On the other hand rosemary tea and lavender tea is fantastic. Lime leaf tea is nice, as is mint, but fig leaf let tea let me down.

I make it fresh from the green leaves! Wash them and boil them in purified water. I use to buy the fig leaf tea from my herbalist in Chicago... we mix it with another great herb, and it killed my fibroids in 2010! I don't do it often, maybe once a month. I picked the leaves from a neighbors yard (she doesn't even use them)... had about 10 trees, and cut about 6 of them down

Fig leaf ice cream, who knew? I will be making this for sure. We have three large potted fig trees on our terrace here in Canada but they must be brought indoors for the winter. The largest tree produces over 200 figs. Thanks for the idea, David!

I guess the heating process must render the psoralen and bergapten irritants in the leaf sap harmless? At my previous house we had five fig trees. A few encounters with the fig tree left us with rashes and blisters. Exposure to sun made it worse. I was generally careful to wear longs sleeves and long pants when doing anything with the fig trees. They grew like crazy, so sometimes we had to prune them during growing season to keep them off the roof. Eating anything with the leaves never would have crossed my mind. We had so many figs, we tried to use as many as possible in fig bread.

Fragrant fig leaf tea has been used since biblical times and is prized for its healing properties. The fig leaf is beneficial for diabetics, combatting high cholesterol, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo. It is also an excellent ally to the digestive system and is known to detox the digestive tract.

This recipe was inspired by my first batch of smoked fig leaf sugar, a creation born of playful experimentation. That sugar ended up in all sorts of places: chocolate cakes and glazed roots, simple syrup, and macaroons. Yet it was this simple, coarse-crumbled cookie that best presented the seductive and subtle notes of incense, musk, and mint.

Our aim is to use everything we produce on our family orchard. Introducing our Fig leaf and Rose tea. We have hand picked our fig leaves (all grown pesticide free) washed them and then sun dried them. The beautiful Brewed by Belinda then put her magic in action to blend for us our own Fig leaf and Rose tea.

The tall single stem tree shape is definitely the trendiest of the bunch, and the World Market fig backs it up with some strong faux features, including a dense variety of leaf shapes, good texture and realistic branching.

Fig leaves are used in many cultures for making home remedies and treating many illnesses for centuries. These leaves are also commonly used figuratively to express the covering up of an object or an act, which is distasteful with something of inoffensive appearance or embarrassing, a metaphorical reference to the Bible, where Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nude bodies after eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of evil and good. 041b061a72


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