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Real Football on Java Game: A Must-Have for Every Football Enthusiast

RF game is a popular soccer game among youngsters. It isdesigned by Gameloft and started out as a Java game before it was designed forAndroid and other smart operating systems. The first instalment of the RealFootball java game was released back in 2004, and ever since then, new editionsare released every year, with the Real Football 2019.Jar being the latestversion.

In the game, the names of trophies and the name of players are real, as the designers have the license to use them. Aside from the soccer game, Gameloft design other fascinating games that were enjoyed back then in the prime days of Java phones.

download real football on java game


In all honesty, it is still advisable to get an Androidphone and download the Android version of Real Football 2019 Java game. This isbecause the features in the Java version are limited. For example, the graphicsand gameplay of the Android version have been improved upon. The camera anglesof playing the game can be changed.

Most importantly, the game looks more real, as AI has been used to improve the overall gaming experience. The Android version also supports online multiplayer mode, which allows you to connect with players all over the world and be able to challenge them in matches.

Get paid to watch football? You don't have to ask me twice. MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE home page Top 10 football downloads for couch potatoes NFL tackles pesky Canadian site The wide Web of sports Scoring at the Super Bowl Reviews & in-depth info at E-Business World Year 2000 World Questions about computers? Let's editors help you Subscribe to's free daily newsletter for computer geniuses (& newbies) Search in 12 languages News Radio Fusion audio primers Computerworld MinuteGame day arrives. I'm busy buying chips and beer, but manage a brief pregame visit to, where they're showing results of a poll for the best Super Bowl play in history. My vote goes to John Taylor's game-winning touchdown catch in Super Bowl XXIII. There's also a fantasy playoff of Super Bowl teams. Their champion: The 1978 Steelers over my 1986 Bears in a squeaker, 10-7. We head over to our friends' home to watch the game, eat chili, and drink beer.

I worry about Internet congestion as I kick off my Web/TV simulcast, but seems downright snappy. I quickly latch onto the nifty GameDay feature, a Java applet that provides real-time text updates of the action and a nice graphic of each team's progress on the field. The service is great for following baseball online, but it doesn't cut the mustard here. The Web reports lag the broadcast by as much as five minutes and the text is dry and generic. More useful are the game stats. I click a tab and check out the Rams' cavernous first-half lead in time of possession and offensive yardage. Amazingly, the score is only 9-0. One thing I don't get on the Web are Super Bowl commercials. Not that it matters -- this year's crop is thin. There's a tie for my In Worst Taste award, though: Nuveen's walking Christopher Reeve spot and the WebMD ad that shows Muhammad Ali drunkenly boxing into the camera. My fave: eTrade's "money out the wazoo" ad. Trailing talk I start to wander, seeking insightful commentary, since ABC's Boomer and Al team just isn't getting it done. First, I check out the Ron Meyer analysis page at CNN/Sports Illustrated's, where I find sharp, brief insights. But like the GameDay feature, Ron's analysis is stale.

"I'm really annoyed with how there are no space trading simulators at the moment. And the ones there have been always kind of miss the point. They're fun, but even Elite 2 which was a great game, wasn't really what I wanted," he explained.

The company's first title - a football management game wasreleased in 2005 by Eidos Interactive under the world famous'Championship Manager' brand. Nominated for several key industryawards. To date the company has now developed 11 different versionsof Championship Manager, on mobile, iPhone and PSP, and is stillworking on the title 5 years on, now in conjunction with SquareEnix.


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