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Christopher Richardson
Christopher Richardson

Buy Mens Asics

hi I am 51 years old, 1,87 height and when i have started running almost a year ago i was 115kgs. No i am 105kgs and i am looking for a new pair of shoes.I am running2-3 times/week 5-10klm each time. I am thinking of asics kayano, do you think is a good choice or you have to propose something else especially for my weight (i hope in 3 months to go down of 100kgs). Thanks in advance Nonas Panagiotis

buy mens asics

Hey, your article was extremely valuable. Actually I was looking for lightweight womens tennis shoes. Thank you for this great piece of information. Now I can easily decide which shoes are good for my feet. Thanks for mentioning the best shoes. 041b061a72


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