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Escape From Kabul (2022) | STAGATV.COM.mp4

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, three U.S. helicopters fly 43 men and women from the German Embassy in Kabul out of the heavily secured Green Zone in the heart of the Afghanistan capital to the airport. It is a last-minute escape. Already that afternoon, Taliban fighters will force their way into the palace of the previously evacuated president.

Escape from Kabul (2022) | STAGATV.COM.mp4

This extraordinary autobiography by activist Gulwali Passarlay chronicles the year-long journey he made as a 12 year-old boy from Afghanistan to the UK. After his father and grandfather were killed, he and his 13 year-old brother fled their homeland to escape being recruited by the Taliban or pressured into collaborating with the American military. The harrowing story of his 7,000 mile journey describes how a young boy who had never seen the sea survived imprisonment, hunger, brutal mistreatment at the hands of smugglers and border police, and a Channel crossing which almost cost him his life. 041b061a72

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