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Seraphim Lazarev
Seraphim Lazarev

Trouble In Mind(1985) [PATCHED]

The cafe is on a worn-out old brick street down at the wrong end of Rain City. It's the kind of place that doesn't need to advertise, because its customers are drawn there by their fates. One day, a young couple turn up in a broken-down camper. The kid is named Coop, and he knows he always gets into trouble when he comes to the city, but he needs to make some money to support his little family.

Trouble in Mind(1985)

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We have no hesitancy in noting that the performance of the defendant's counsel at trial was no model. [Note 2] Unmistakably, "[t]he trial was pervaded by an aura of bumble." Commonwealth v. Mosby, 11 Mass. App. Ct. 1, 17 n.12 (1980). We, however, are not prepared to say that trial counsel here was a walking violation of the Sixth Amendment. "[T]he basic trouble from the defense standpoint was weaknesses in the facts rather than any inadequacy of counsel." Commonwealth v. Satterfield, 373 Mass. 109, 111 (1977).

She yields, but so does he. "It's you," he tells her, "that they turn to when they're really in trouble." As so often is the case when the husband is most of the day on the public stage, it is left to the mother to be the disciplinarian, absorbing the potholes of life with adolescents, and now he tells her, in the presence of a third person, that notwithstanding her role as shock absorber her standing in the family remains supreme. She is not, this time, diverted, to indicate her satisfaction at his recognition of this, but you know that it has registered, fortifying what is never threatened by redundancy, her knowledge of his attributes as a husband who feels, who knows, who cares deeply, who appreciates her fully. 041b061a72


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