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Iview For You How to Use It Safely and Effectively

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Iview For You --


ABC iview may not always work. If you have tried the fixes listed above and are still having issues or if you have any questions, please check our Streaming troubleshooting guide or contact our Support team.

@ Kedar Joshi says: We are considering this solution BW->BOBJ-->EP 7 but have one question? Does the EP need BI Java installed? I think No but need a confimation. David Francois Gonzalez : for the iview you need only the EP, but you need the BW for the security part.

I'd like to implement BOBJ 4.0 with EP 7.01 SP8. After I upload the iview templates par file ( It shows upload successfully, but i cannot see them under the portal content template iview. I also upload KM par file, which displays under KM Content manager. Which version of EP version is compable to the BOBJ 4.0?


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