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Buy Baby Doll

Our top pick is the Adora Playtime dolls for their more realistic features and interactive qualities, like eyes that open and close, a weighted bottom, and the ability to suck its thumb. If you want to invest in a top-of-the-line doll that you can pass down to future siblings or generations, opt for the American Girl Historical Character or American Girl Create Your Own Doll lines and accessorize from one of the more budget-friendly companies.

buy baby doll


Paradise Galleries expertly create dolls for the very same reason you collect them; we know that nurturing, play, companionship and memories all matter. They matter to you and because of that, they matter to us.

I understand that no one is likely giving my 8-month-old a doll and thinking, "This thing will teach Luna her place in this world." Few have probably dissected the gender binary enough to contemplate why we keep dressing little boys in blue and little girls in pink. Few are likely cognizant of how the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences on the road to learning about and understanding our own gender identities. And anyway, my daughter and I are lucky that so many people in our lives want to care for her and give her presents.

Even so, I cannot help but resent how ingrained our sociocultural ideas of gender are. Why do we give boys trucks and light-up faux laptops, when we give girls kitchen sets and Barbies? Why do we give an 8-month-old her own baby to take care of, when she cannot even take care of herself? Like, not even a little bit.

Something about seeing infants and toddlers with their own baby dolls has long rubbed me the wrong way, in no small part because it's usually female infants who carry around such toys. I cannot shake the feeling that, through these gifts, we teach our daughter, sisters, or cousins (from an incredibly young age) that this is what girls do. We look after babies. We are mothers, givers, and caretakers. We always have to be responsible for others, and never just for ourselves. We change diapers, and we play dress-up, and we sing our babies to sleep at night. We are selfless always and selfish never.

I'd take less issue with baby dolls if they were gifted to little boys just as often, but we cannot pretend that toys aren't unnecessarily gendered. To give a boy a baby doll would usually be to put him at risk of being teased. His masculinity would be questioned before he even knew the word. He'd be outcasted before ever knowing why.

My daughter is still young, so I have plenty of time to introduce the aforementioned trucks and light-up faux laptops. I have plenty of time to buy her more blue, gray, green, or black clothing. This isn't to say that I don't want her to have the baby doll, or the pink teddy bear, or the lavender and rose bedsheets, nor is to say that I won't appreciate when she's gifted any of those things. I just don't want her to have only those things.

My partner and I are trying to raise Luna in such a way that she grows up knowing her womanhood and femininity are her own to define or reject as she sees fit. We want her to know that however traditionally masculine her interests may be, we will try to support her endeavors and goals no matter what. If she ends up exploring androgyny, we want to be supportive of that, too. We want to start all of this now. We want her to look back at photos of herself as a baby, toddler, and little girl, and never feel as though we tried to funnel her into an identity of our choosing.

A baby doll isn't just a baby doll because we don't live in a vacuum. We don't yet live in a world where gender is recognized to be as complex, diverse, and non-binaristic as it actually is. We don't yet live in a world where little boys and little girls are, across the board, treated equally.

So while I'm not going to take Luna's baby dolls away from her, I am going to make sure she has more variety of toys in her toy box. I'm going to kick my old soccer ball around with her once she's old enough. I'm going to let my dad teach her about the myriad different types of trucks he knows about. I'm going to reiterate that not all little girls have to grow up to be mommies and caretakers. I guess I'm just going to keep reiterating that she has choices. That's what this all comes down to, anyway.

Whether it's time for bed or time to play, each outfit created for our dolls is hand-tailored for a perfect fit. Pamper your little one with a wardrobe of adorable and fashionable looks, and share sweet snuggles with our blankets and buntings.

Dolls are ambassadors of our most treasured memories and dreams, each with its own, unique story to tell. At Ashton-Drake, our amazing selection of collectible dolls is here to help you bring those stories home and to share them with those you love. We pour all our creative energy into these lovable treasures, carefully handcrafting realistic baby dolls and child dolls, fantasy dolls, bride dolls, nostalgic dolls, and our lifelike monkey dolls.

Here you'll find baby dolls showcasing the talents of acclaimed Master Doll Artists like Linda Webb, Ping Lau, and Linda Murray. Extraordinary sculpting and superior-quality materials and construction capture each doll's unique personality and character. Hand-painting, hand-rooted hair, poseable and weighted bodies, custom-designed and expertly tailored costumes, even sound and movement; our attention to detail is what makes every Ashton-Drake doll so distinctive and so certain to be cherished.

Hold one of our So Truly Real lifelike baby dolls in your arms, or one of our newborn baby dolls (including many similar to reborn dolls), and you're sure to be amazed at how perfectly it captures the wonder of cradling a real baby. Our authentic silicone baby dolls are breathtaking, to hold and to touch. You'll also find stunning porcelain dolls, dolls with our innovative Hold That Pose! technology, dolls that capture your favorite film and television characters and so much more. Don't wait. Shop Now!

Overall, the perfect doll to introduce your one-year-old to and my top baby doll for a 1-year-old pick! Over the years with having two daughters we have owned LOTS of baby dolls but my girls ALWAYS came back to this one. Again and again! It was THE most played with baby doll out of the bunch.

Something I like about these more realistic-looking dolls is that they tend to be a bit heavier which makes them feel life-like to hold and snuggle. However, that can also make them difficult for a smaller toddler to carry around and love on easily.

A cuddly baby doll with a removable outfit and realistic features! It comes with an extra diaper and a bottle. The most fun part in owning a baby doll is caring for the doll so having accessories included adds to the appeal.

Cabbage Patch Kids are classic, and many of us probably remember having one growing up! But did you know they also sell a baby doll version? The perfect size for your own little Cabbage Patch kid! These were my FAVORITE as a little girl and my girls each have one in their doll collection due to my personal love for the Cabbage Patch brand.

The American Girl Doll company has a pretty great reputation for making some of the best toys for little girls, and my girls have always loved their dolls. (Britt even had an American Girl Doll birthday party!) So it stands to reason that their baby dolls should be pretty great too!

Shop the Bitty Baby doll line here! The doll comes with little books and accessories too as well as an excellent warranty to help ensure it will be an heirloom item (I gifted my girls my original American Girl full sized dolls!).

A popular trend for organizing toys while maximizing floor space is to use a shoe organizer like this one! The compartments can hold dolls and other toys, and it slides underneath a couch or bed for easy cleanup! A great idea for a small space, or if your kids tend to use the entire house as their playroom!

It also allows children to explore what they like and don't like in order to make decisions that will help shape their future. Watch you little one play tea party with the other kids. They may be pretending to eat cookies or pretend to brush their teeth. See if your child enjoys dressing up. Let them choose an outfit that makes them feel good and watch them changing their baby dolls outfits which can help them build confidence and become more independent.

The original reborn dolls are artistic dolls that are meant to be transformed to resemble a human infant. Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to cope with their grief over a lost child, miscarriage, or prepare for the adoption process.

Some important lessons that your child learns are proper behavioral skills, emotional intelligence training, and imaginative storytelling. Finally, children have a lot of fun by playing with real-looking baby dolls.

This is great information and it is really hard to decide which doll. I might could decide if I knew which ones were anatomically correct. You mentioned the 1 boy doll that was, but not the rest. I know some had no baby parts. Personally I am searching for a baby doll with its little parts.

For a child, a doll can be a playmate, an adventure partner, someone to take care of, and a friend when life gets hard or scary. A doll can also invite a kid to celebrate their own identity, explore those of others, and see their wants and needs reflected back to them in instructive and meaningful ways. And experts are zeroing in on another developmental benefit of dolls: their ability to increase empathy.

During our testing, we observed that many toddlers show interest in dolls representing children who are around their same age, or younger, especially when they can see some of their own needs (a bottle, diaper, blankie) reflected back to them.

Compared with cheaper dolls we tested (like the Our Generation dolls), the Ikuzi dolls feel notably high in quality, with hand-molded heads and sturdy bodies and limbs. Add party-worthy outfits, and they feel almost like collectibles. The Ikuzi doll we tested arrived with a head of shiny, bouncy waves, which I immediately felt compelled to stroke, comb, and style into a topknot. Each doll comes in a dress that pairs white tulle or cotton eyelet with a vibrant print inspired by African textiles (the outfits come in kid-size versions, too), as well as beautiful metallic Mary Jane slippers. Additional doll outfits include knit sundresses and leggings sets that would look at home in a Hanna Andersson catalog. 041b061a72


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