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Schedule for the Sovereign Camp Out


 Note – This is a drug, alcohol and dog free event. After all, the true present is to be truly present.

Safety –To truly open up to each other and share intimately – trust and safety are essential. We ask that all participants share in the responsibility of creating a safe container for all by respecting the boundaries, view points and wishes of others and holding this expectation for others. Anyone not respecting this safe container will be asked to amend their behavior or leave the event.



Set up Camp and Relax  (after 2pm arrival time)  - pick your spot along the river or pond and enjoy a hike on the 200 plus acre property and/or time in the hot tub and sauna or a swim in the pond.

Cleanse Ritual (all day any day) – Wash away all that obscures the natural expression of your inherent being in the mountain river. Face down stream and contemplate letting go into the flow the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Make it tangible by tossing a rock downstream for each limiting belief you release. Then turn and face upstream and soak up all you want to flow into your life.

Friday night fireside music and Conversations

Enjoy live music, song and great conversations around the fires.





Rise and Shine - sauna, water and breath work
(Saturday morning starting at 8 to 9 am at the Spa between river and pond)


Wake up without needing to “smell the coffee” and feel deeply enlivened with hot/cold therapy combined with detoxifying breath work. Led by long time fitness enthusiast Eric McCool. Happening at the sauna area between the swimming pond and river.

Forrest Frolic (Self guided hike on the land any time you like) Leave the matrix behind and immerse yourself in the forrest and rivers of Sacred Mountain Waters. Frolic to where the two rivers (Spillcorn and Laurel) meet in the back country forrest. Also see the sunset over the valley from Eagle Condor overlook. There are miles of forrest roads and trails and two miles of pristine river front.  Note - for a map, take a photo of the map picture on the house porch.

The Unscheduled Workshop - Time and Place? Probably when and where you least expect it. Sometimes the greatest lessons are unscheduled and unexpected and test our ability to be patient, loving and open minded. Teacher? Usually the person you don’t agree with and who triggers and upsets you. Lesson - Ask  yourself, what has this person or situation revealed to me who I am or could be? Be sure to thank them for bringing this to light.

Ancient and Modern Tools for Liberation from Pharma (9am to 10:30am at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent) -  Return to the inherent wisdom of our bodies and Mother Nature. Let go and flow with a Qi Gong practice to open the pathways of your body. We will then integrate with radiant rest before discussing ways to align with the seasons of Nature. This understanding will blend Taoism and the science of German New Medicine.

In this workshop, Gaia Energy Medicine Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and German New Medicine Practitioner, Sophia Dallair, will offer a lens into the suppressed, empirical science of German New Medicine, discovered by Dr. Hamer.  The “germ theory” is debunked with compelling terrain-theory evidence, showing the connections to dis-ease and shock-conflicts. Sophia will be accompanied by her husband, Jay DeMaio, who will lead the internal medicine of QiGong practice. Jay is a Master QiGong and Dao Internal Alchemy Teacher, Somatic Therapist for Trauma, LMT, and chemo survivor.  To learn more visit    Bring a blanket/mat for napping, water, and a journal

Living in the New Paradigm with Joseph Aldo (10:30 to Noon at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent)


Every day we are faced with choices and ultimately it boils down to this: Love or Fear. And depending upon which we choose, the life that unfolds before us reflects our choices 100% as the external world is simply a reflection of our inner reality and beliefs.


In this talk we will discuss how life unfolds when we live in a fear-based paradigm (the old system) vs a Love-based paradigm (the "New Paradigm") and the distinctions between these two realities. We will also delve into how to activate the New Paradigm as we dissolve the old, dysfunctional, limiting survival systems through heart-centered living and Unity Consciousness. Learn more at

Co-Creating Freedom: Tools to support you living Heaven on Earth 
(10:30 to noon) at the LOVEvolution Lodge. This will be an interactive co-created workshop that includes practical tools from Dr. Kari Taylor’s 20+ years as a psychologist and personal growth as a mystic and water priestess.  We will review somatic exercises to increase the embodiment and experience of freedom, love, joy, peace, well being, creative expression, and harmonious relationships.  There will be a specific focus on each member having an experience of embodying the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of FREEDOM. 


Bring drinking water, a journal, and something comfortable to sit on as we are going to be diving deep into going within to gather our own personal wisdom related to freedom within you and how this then can be expanded to your family, friends, and the world. To learn more visit -


Live glass blowing demonstrations (Saturday and Sunday near the shed by the pond) - Thomas Harper has been blowing glass for a decade in WNC. He will be sharing demonstrations of this craft throughout the weekend and creating some beautiful glass objects such as jewelry, marbles, trinkets and other sculptures to share with community. Feel free to come by and ask questions. Also feel free to ask for a custom piece made just for you or a loved one. 


Important Note - Prolonged staring directly into the flame can be damaging to your eyes - much like staring at the sun. Set your gaze on the objects as the come out of the flame,and focus on my hands and movements. Blessings and gratitude to these waters and the fire.

Lunch/Dinner Time - Cook your own meal or enjoy organic BQ chicken, grass-fed burgers, potato salad and coleslaw for purchase near the guest house (food served all Saturday afternoon into early evening).  Feel free to eat your lunch during the opening circle and workshops through out the day.  Funds raised will be donated to the LOVEvolution Fellowship.
To learn more about the Fellowship at Sacred Mountain Waters visit

Opening Circle and Prayer for Peace, Unity and Truth (12:30 Noon to 1pm at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent)   Facilitated by event organizer, founder of Purple Nation USA and land steward of Sacred Mountain Waters - Patrick Hennessey and  friends.

In a world of orchestrated divisions, let’s find our common ground and seek the truth together. United We Stand and Divided We Fall. Let’s cultivate not only truth in our heads but openness and peace in our hearts. We are all waking up and shedding false beliefs. We are all at different places in our awakening process. Let’s be patient with each other. True freedom is ultimately an inside job. Let’s collaborate with open minds and hearts to co create the world of beauty that we know in our hearts is possible.

Our Ascension Continues Post -COVID (1 to 2:30 pm at the Purple Nation Tent)

Presented by Maura McDonnell - After all we have been through – What now? How do we navigate these turbulent times, maintain our sanity, stay healthy, continue our journey to a higher state of consciousness and create that saner, freer, healthier world we all know is possible?

The Great Awakening is happening to us and for us. It is giving us the opportunity to decide to either stay asleep (numb in a fog created by the crumbling matrix) or awaken to the phenomenal potential that lies within each of us. Should we choose the latter, we will transform ourselves and the world with love, compassion and wisdom.

Maura McDonnell, a holistic RN for over 40 years, focused her career on ways to save our kids and save our planet. She is the former national coordinator of the Defeat Autism Now and is the founder and Director of Maura’s podcast Fiercely Pursing Truth brings luminaries in the health, freedom and vaccine risk aware movement to share their perspective and insights for staying sane, free and healthy in these challenging times. Maura is the proud grandmother of 12 grandchildren and hosts a show on Children's Health Defense -TV entitled: “Grandmother Wisdom” .  For more information visit


Revival of Resilience - Permaculture and Volunteerism
(1 to 2:30 pm at the LOVEvolution Lodge


Eric McCool will be speaking on the convergence of permaculture and voluntaryism, two concepts central to creating a new culture of peace, liberty, and prosperity. The discussion will focus on strategies for creating economically resilient homesteads and communities, along with opportunities for joining the growing networks of people pursuing alternative paths to freedom, community, and natural living.


Eric is a permaculture designer, an author, and an adventurer, on a mission to help humanity transition to a consensual, voluntary culture, in ecological balance with nature. He lives in Asheville with his wife and three daughters.

"Waking Up" - What does it really mean? (2:30 to 4pm at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent)


For years people have been kicking around the term "Waking up". But what does that really mean for your life? Why can it be so challenging to live a life of steady inner peace and personal power these days? 


We're generations deep into a very coordinated and well-funded effort to manipulate mass psychology for the benefit of corporations and government. Most don't understand just how much this negatively impacts their own behavior and limits their potential.


In this talk, self-sabotage coach and publisher/editor of, Dylan Charles, will share how "waking up" really means gaining an understanding of how your mind, body and emotions work together to create your day-to-day reality. Flip the script on mind control and awaken to your full power as a sovereign and conscious human. 

Compassionate Communication and Intimacy - (2:30 to 4:30pm at the LOVEvolution Lodge) - Intimacy is the ability to know oneself and connect deeply with others. In this workshop we will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication, a powerful tool that helps us to stay centered in any situation, move beyond stalemates, forgive others and yourself, hear the yes behind every no.

Facilitated by Steve Torma –  the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center. Learn more at

​It Has Been Foretold (2:30 to 4pm inside the Riverside Yurt)  The Mayans knew… the Aztecs knew and many other traditions around the world have predictions the end of times. The foretold dates correspond with the shift and disruptions we are experiencing today.  This outward change is directly correlated with our very perception of consciousness. This change is profound and personal. Join Diana Myers, M.Ed., M.Sc to explore some timeless truths from mystic and non-duality traditions in order to deepen your insights and navigate these times.

Diana has a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters degree in education and a masters degree in ministerial science in metaphysics. She is Founder of the Psychedelic Society America, the Waheguru Awakening Support Program, and is Minister of Church of the Mystic Way.

Financial Freedom - Moving beyond the Legacy Financial System
(4 to 5:3
0 PM at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent)


Are you ready to leave the dying debt based financial system and prosper in the emerging world of private, borderless crypto currencies? Isn't it time to step off the treadmill of your money buying less and less, while the banks pay you next to nothing on your savings? With the explosive growth of Bitcoin, crypto currencies and decentralized finance, you can now act as your own secure and private bank, while holding crypto currencies that grow in value over time and earn high  interest.


Join long time crypto investor, Patrick Hennessey, to learn about the exciting world of crypto finance. Q & A panel discussion will follow the introduction to answer your questions and welcome your input.

It’s Go Time - Ready to live in the quantum? (4 to 5:30pm in Riverside Yurt)

Gifted medium, Jennie Byers, believes we are moving into the quantum field together. She and her guides beyond the veil will explain how coming together in physical form assists in our remembering of who we are and where we come from. Jennie’s teaching style is down to Earth and very ‘user friendly’.

Learn more about her and her retreat in the Cherokee Mountains of Eastern Tennessee - “Spirit ReUnions Sanctuary” - visit

Join filmmaker James Patrick, director of the documentary "Planet Lockdown", from 5:30 to 7pm at the big tent, for conversations about the global lockdown, Covid19, vaccines, reproductive disruptions and social political undercurrents. He is currently producing the documentary "Fund Nitrogen 2000" about the Dutch farmers' struggle.  He will be sharing highlights from some of his bold and brave movies. To learn more visit

Live Musical Performances -  Saturday Night


Music and Songs 8pm to Midnight at the firepit near the Guest House – Offer your stories, wisdom, songs, and poems to the fire as we come together for an evening of musical inspiration, dance and spontaneous creation at the fire circle. 

The Caravan Calling 7 to 9pm (Elan DeHaro, Ed Hagmeyer and Kimberly Dunn)  in the great room of the LOVEvolution Lodge - World and Gypsy infused music that will move your spirit and feet.

DJ dance party with Illusion of Duality up in the LOVEvolution Lodge (9:30pm to midnight)


Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance (9:30 to 11am in the LovEvolution Lodge)

Start your day by experiencing the joy of moving and grooving on musical journey.  Stay for the Fellowship service and sharing circle.

Old Wisdom and Legal Tools to Solve Modern Problems - (10 to 11am at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent) Learn how taking radical self-responsibility for your life and orienting around a charitable or religious mission by creating your own private trusts can result in elite-tier tax advantages, asset protection, and clarity in navigating the seemingly impenetrable ocean of commerce and law.

Matthew Brower, Co-Founder of Frontier Capital Trust, will give you a basic understanding of the subversion of the current status quo and offer you a clear road map of what you can do about it. Learn more at

LOVEvolution Fellowship Service (11am to 1pm in the LovEvolution Lodge)


Immediately following ecstatic dance, join Patrick Hennessey and friends for a fellowship service in which we explore what true liberation looks and feels like. The theme for the sharing circle will be "Freedom is an Inside Job". 

The LOVEvolution Fellowship is the spiritual steward of the LOVEvolution movement and the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary. As an open faith fellowship of spiritual equals, we work to provide a safe, supportive, inclusive and non judgmental space for a diversity of people to explore and share living in truth together in the spirit of love, joy and celebration.

Sharing Circle (1 to 2:30pm in the LovEvolution Lodge)


Immediately following the LovEvolution Fellowship Service, we'll host an open sharing circle. We’ve all been through a lot in recent times. Come share how you feel about life in these times and or listen to others share their experiences and feelings. Sometimes being heard and felt does wonders for letting go and healing.

Practical & Purposeful Sovereignty in Commerce (1 to 2:30pm at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent) - We are the inheritors of the Creator’s vast estate. How shall we create, where shall we create, WHAT shall we create?  Join Corey Call, the Executive Trustee of the Permanent Renaissance Health (PRH) Trust, to explore how you can practically operate in the matrix, using its tools, while isolating out certain energies and protecting yourself in order to build better communities, environments and worlds.


Corey has been studying Sovereignty for 15 years and advocates for being Clear in oneself, while "in the system, but not of the system".  He is also the Financial Business Development partner at Holos Global Inc & Executive Director of the Clarity Action Foundation, a 508 C1a, that is set up to organize and Fund Trauma Healing Programs.

Old Wisdom and Legal Tools to Solve Modern Problems - (2:30 to 3:30pm at the Purple Nation Station Big Tent) Learn how taking radical self-responsibility for your life and orienting around a charitable or religious mission by creating your own private trusts can result in elite-tier tax advantages, asset protection, and clarity in navigating the seemingly impenetrable ocean of commerce and law.

Matthew Brower, Co-Founder of Frontier Capital Trust, will give you a basic understanding of the subversion of the current status quo and offer you a clear road map of what you can do about it. Learn more at

Healing divides through civil communication - (2:30 to 4pm in the Riverside Yome)  

Join Laurie Timmermann in exploring an empowering collection of communication techniques, namely: civilized assertiveness, navigating upset, emotional intelligence, radical goodwill and speaking with reverence. We’ll look at use of rules of the game, codes of conduct and dispute resolution to address issues among groups.  Examples will be shown of how can these be applied to larger divisive issues of our day, such as racial healing, business norms, politics and medical freedom and sovereignty. 

Laurie Timmermann has lived life as a global citizen and adventurer. She has worked in global economic and political development and is now focused on World Beyond War advocacy and on health freedom and sovereignty. Laurie is a lifelong spiritual explorer.


Transmission of Presence: Aligning to Your Sovereign Divine Nature (2:30 to 4pm in the LOVEVolution Lodge) Join Kim Ramsey as she guides you through storytelling, poetry, sacred song and a sound bath in Light language to experience a greater connection with your eternal, sovereign divine nature - allowing you to embody wholeness, balance, and wisdom within the duality of life. 


Forty-seven years ago, Kim experienced a profound encounter with the Divine launching her on a mystical, shamanic journey of soul recovery. Full of passion and love for life, Kim's greatest joy is assisting others in connecting to and embodying their soul’s essence through poetic wisdom and song.

Sweat Lodge (2 to 4pm) – Join Tito and his crew for purification, prayer and singing (Sweat lodge is behind the Guest House near spring). Let go of the outside world, clear your mind and body, open your heart and melt away all differences to see and feel each other as members of the Heart Tribe.   Note – drink lots of hydrating fluids before the sweat and wear modest loose clothing.

4th of July Parade and Fireworks in Downtown Marshall (6pm to 10pm) - Looking for a small town 4th of July parade followed by fireworks display at dusk near by on the French Broad River? Stop by downtown Marshall on the river on your way home for their fireworks. Enjoy a meal and beverages at one of the restaurants on the river. Then take the beautiful drive along the river back to Asheville if you're heading that way.

Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary Spaces


Purple Nation Station Big Tent - a wide open giant tent for workshops and sharing.

LOVEvolution Lodge - Enjoy the great room of this almost finished event center for workshops and the awesome view from the wrap around deck.


Riverside Yurt with deck - Enjoy this cozy space on the river.  


Guest House Wrap Around Porch - Sit and relax in the shade in a rocking chair and or rock out to music playing on the wrap around porch. Note - Inside of house is reserved for staff and house guests. WIFI available - PW is "loveandjoy".


Kid’s Zone - Trampoline area - Parent supervision suggested.


Fire pits - Barn fire pit for discussions and sharing. Fire pit at the guest house for drumming and dancing.


Spa (Hot Tub, Sauna and Water Plunges in pond and river) Let your hair down and relax at the riverside spa. Swimsuits required.


The Forrest -  Enjoy 200 plus acres of river walks and mountain hikes on miles of trails and roads and two miles of river banks. Take a photo of the property map on the porch and take a self guided hike.

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