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Schedule for the Sovereign Camp Out





Set up Camp and Relax  (after 2pm arrival time)  - pick your spot along the river or pond and enjoy a hike on the 200 plus acre property and/or time in the hot tub and sauna or a swim in the pond.

Raising Our Vibration through it All  (7pm at the Purple Nation Station Tent)

There is a Greater Reset beyond the "great reset" that is occurring in the hearts and minds of humanity.  Join Dr. Kieran Kuykendall - functional medicine doctor and chiropractic neurologist - in sharing practices and setting intentions for raising our vibration above the static to achieve a state of peace, wellness and unity. Let's begin the weekend empowered, knowing that we  are the ones we've been waiting for!

Friday night musical performances


The Freedom Family Band - 8 to 10pm at the Riverside Yurt - Enjoy the heart opening sacred sounds of this lovely couple (Matt and Katt), who travel widely with their three children spreading inspiration and transformative vibrations. Their music is truly medicine for radical healing and expansion. Learn more and enjoy their music at





Rise and Shine - sauna, water and breath work
(Saturday morning starting at 8 to 9 am at the Spa between river and pond)


Wake up without needing to “smell the coffee” and feel deeply enlivened with hot/cold therapy combined with detoxifying breath work. Led by long time fitness enthusiast Eric McCool. Happening at the sauna area between the swimming pond and river.

Yoga at the riverside yurt (Saturday morning at 9am)


Join certified yoga teacher and health coach - Stephanie Toler. Open up your body, oxygenate and begin your day feeling great.

Living in the New Paradigm with Joseph Aldo
(10:00 to 11:30 am at the Purple Nation Station Tent)


Every day we are faced with choices and ultimately it boils down to this: Love or Fear. And depending upon which we choose, the life that unfolds before us reflects our choices 100% as the external world is simply a reflection of our inner reality and beliefs.


In this talk we will discuss how life unfolds when we live in a fear-based paradigm (the old system) vs a Love-based paradigm (the "New Paradigm") and the distinctions between these two realities. We will also delve into how to activate the New Paradigm as we dissolve the old, dysfunctional, limiting survival systems through heart-centered living and Unity Consciousness. Learn more at


Opening Circle and Prayer for Peace, Unity and Truth
(12:00 Noon in the field between house and yurt)   Facilitated by event organizer, founder of Purple Nation USA and land steward of Sacred Mountain Waters - Patrick Hennessey and  friends


An invitation to let go of our programing to connect more deeply “out in the field beyond right and wrong” as the poet Rumi wrote. In a world of orchestrated divisions let’s find our common ground and seek the truth together. United We Stand and Divided We Fall.


We are all waking up and shedding false beliefs. We are all at different places in our awakening process. Let’s be patient with each other. True freedom is ultimately an inside job. Let’s collaborate with open minds and hearts to co create the world of beauty that we know in our hearts is possible.


The future is up for grabs. What future will we give our precious attention and energy to and grow? What vibration do you choose to live in? What world do you choose to energize and ripple out to others?


Let’s choose to stand together and learn from each other. Let’s cultivate not only truth in our heads but openness and peace in our hearts. Welcome to the LovEvolution.

Revival of Resilience - Permaculture and Volunteerism
(1 to 2:30 pm at the Purple Nation Tent)


Eric McCool will be speaking on the convergence of permaculture and voluntaryism, two concepts central to creating a new culture of peace, liberty, and prosperity.


The discussion will focus on strategies for creating economically resilient homesteads and communities, along with opportunities for joining the growing networks of people pursuing alternative paths to freedom, community, and natural living.


Eric is a permaculture designer, an author, and an adventurer, on a mission to help humanity transition to a consensual, voluntary culture, in ecological balance with nature. He lives in Asheville with his wife and three daughters.

"Waking Up" - What does it really mean?
2:30 to 4pm at the Purple Nation Station Tent


For years people have been kicking around the term "Waking up". But what does that really mean for your life? Why can it be so challenging to live a life of steady inner peace and personal power these days? 


We're generations deep into a very coordinated and well-funded effort to manipulate mass psychology for the benefit of corporations and government. Most don't understand just how much this negatively impacts their own behavior and limits their potential.


In this talk, self-sabotage coach and publisher/editor of, Dylan Charles, will share how "waking up" really means gaining an understanding of how your mind, body and emotions work together to create your day-to-day reality. Flip the script on mind control and awaken to your full power as a sovereign and conscious human. 

Financial Freedom - Moving beyond the Legacy Financial System
4 to 5:00 PM at the Purple Nation
Station Tent


Are you ready to leave the dying debt based financial system and prosper in the emerging world of private, borderless crypto currencies? Isn't it time to step off the treadmill of your money buying less and less, while the banks pay you next to nothing on your savings? With the explosive growth of Bitcoin, crypto currencies and decentralized finance, you can now act as your own secure and private bank, while holding crypto currencies that grow in value over time and earn high  interest.


Join long time crypto investor, Patrick Hennessey, to learn about the exciting new world of crypto finance. Q & A panel discussion will follow the introduction to answer your questions.

Staying Connected - Mix and Mingle 
(5pm to 5:30 at the Purple Nation Station Tent)


We've come together and shared and made great connections. Now how do we stay connected and in the loop?  Online - sign up for the newsletter and or join our  uncensored Telegram group. Also tune into for local events including all things sovereign. 

Looking to meet in person in the Asheville area? Drop in on the Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) group every Thursday 6:30-8:00 p.m., at Rise ‘n Shine Cafe, 640 Merrimon Ave. in Asheville. This spirited local group provides friend/support systems and cultivates building  a parallel society to support medical freedom, medical privacy, free speech, and informed consent. MAFA is united across any and all identities that have divided us. For more info visit

Come share your ideas for how we can stay connected. Patrick Hennessey,  the founder of Purple Nation USA will also be on hand to share more about the vision of Purple Nation and what uniting  the best of red and blue might look like.

Securing a Sovereign Financial Future with Express Trusts
5:30 to 6:30pm at the Purple Nation Station Tent


Learn how the ultra rich have secured their wealth tax free over generations with no need for lawyers or complex laws. These tools can be used by any person and or business who is willing to take the steps to establish an express trust.


Daniel James and Matthew Brower, consultants at Frontier Capital Trust will share why and how an express trust can set you free from the default financial system. Learn more at


Becoming Sovereign in Body and Soul with Evalena Rose
1 to 2:30 pm at the Riverside Yurt


Being an empath or highly sensitive person is challenging in this tumultuous world. It takes diligence and practice to stay free of other's chaos or pain.  Evalena shares skills that are rarely taught, yet vital to happiness and personal freedom.

You’ll learn several imagery techniques to clear toxic energies from your body & emotions. You’ll experience ways to create a sovereign field that keeps your body from taking on other’s pain and gain tips for ways to keep clear as you encounter people in trauma or reactivity.


Evalena Rose, The Alchemy of Love, is a MetaTherapist, intimacy and communications coach who has evolved through 44 years in private practice.  She blends metaphysical practices with healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative. She offers sessions in Asheville, NC and by video chat world-wide.  707 696-9944


Eating for optimal health and immunity with Stephanie Toler, Certified Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher - 2:30 to 4pm at the Riverside Yurt


Food has the potential to heal us or harm us, yet diet and nutrition are still largely overlooked by conventional medicine. Many health conditions like IBS, migraines, arthritis, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, obesity, PMS, and eczema can be traced back to the health of our guts and the foods we eat every day.


Come learn about changes that you can make in your diet that will make a huge difference in your health. We will be talking about stress and chronic inflammation, intestinal permeability (aka "leaky gut"), how to identify food sensitivities, and a healing whole foods diet. I will also share several examples of simple healthy meals that you can make at home that are nutritious AND delicious

The Unscheduled Workshop - Time and Place?
Probably when and where you least expect it.


Sometimes the greatest lessons are unscheduled and unexpected and test our ability to be patient, loving and open minded. Teacher? Usually the person you don’t agree with and who triggers and upsets you. Lesson - Ask  yourself, what has this person or situation revealed to me who I am or could be? Be sure to thank them for bringing this to light.

It’s Go Time - Ready to live in the quantum?
4 to 5:30pm at the Riverside Yurt


Gifted psychic, Jennie Byers, believes we are moving into the quantum field together. She and her guides beyond the veil will explain how coming together in physical form assists in our remembering of who we are and where we come from. Jennie’s teaching style is down to Earth and very ‘user friendly’.


Learn more about her and her retreat in the Cherokee Mountains of Eastern Tennessee - “Spirit ReUnions” - visit

Prophecies from around the world for these times

6 to 7:30 at the Riverside Yurt


Wisdom cultures around the world have long foretold a coming time of great challenge, transformation and opportunity. Are we living in these “end times” and the beginning of the new times? From the book of revelation to ancient indigenous traditions around the world, signs are emerging that the old world order is giving way, though kicking and screaming, to birth a new paradigm of truth, unity and heart based consciousness.


Long time healer, medicine man and author/teacher -Matthew Bullstanding Madigan - will facilitate a discussion about what prophecies, wisdom traditions and current events reveal about these times and ways for us to align with the divine to co create the world we know in our hearts is possible.

Bridge Ceremony (self guided) - at the stone bridge at any time.


Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and welcome in new possibilities? Let the flowing river water wash away what no longer serves you as you soak up what you want to bring into your life.


Suggested process  - Stand on the stone bridge or in the river facing downstream while holding some stones or gravel in your hand. Take one stone into your other hand and contemplate what belief you may still hold that is limiting you. Maybe it’s a harsh self judgement or fear of not being enough . . . or something else? Then, when you are ready to let it go, toss it into the river.


Once you’ve let go of all of your stones you want to release you’re now ready to receive. Turn and face upstream into the flowing water. Contemplate what you’d like to soak up and bring into your life. Is it more love, patience, joy, clarity, truth, prosperity . . . ?

Forrest Frolic (Self guided hike on the land any time you like)


Leave the matrix behind and immerse yourself in the forrest and rivers of Sacred Mountain Waters. Frolic to where the two rivers (Spillcorn and Laurel) meet in the back country forrest. Also see the sunset over the valley from Eagle Condor overlook. There are miles of forrest roads and trails and two miles of pristine river front.  Note - for a map, take a photo of the map picture on the house porch.

Live Musical Performances -  Saturday Night


The Freedom Family Band - Music and playshop for children and adults at the trampoline late afternoon. Enjoy the heart opening sacred sounds of this lovely couple (Matt and Katt), who travel widely with their three children spreading inspiration and transformative vibrations. Their music is truly medicine for radical healing and expansion. Learn more and enjoy their music at


Noah Proudfoot and the Botanicals (5:30 to 7:30pm at the Guest House Wrap Around Porch) enjoy inspirational and playful songs that uplift and inspire. Listen and enjoy at


I Star (8 to 10pm at the Guest House Wrap Around Porch) - Long time beloved Asheville based conscious vibes and flowing lyrical folk hop music. Tune in and listen at Official Music Video at


Qi Gong (8:30 to 9:30 am at the Riverside Yurt) - Join Dr. Sarah Leyki Fields for this gentle moving meditation and healing practice that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Benefits include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, and improved balance and flexibility. She will provide an introduction to this practice.

Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance (9:30 to 11am in the LovEvolution Lodge)

Start your day by experiencing the joy of moving and grooving on musical journey.  Stay for the Fellowship service and sharing circle.

LovEvolution Fellowship Service (11am to noon in the LovEvolution Lodge)


Immediately following ecstatic dance, join Patrick Hennessey and friends for a fellowship service in which we explore what true liberation looks and feels like.

The LovEvolution Fellowship is the spiritual steward of the LovEvolution movement and the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary. As a trans-denominational fellowship of spiritual equals, we work to provide a safe, supportive, inclusive and non judgmental space for a diversity of people to explore and share living in truth together in the spirit of love, joy and celebration.

Sharing Circle (Noon to 1 pm in the LovEvolution Lodge)


Immediately following the LovEvolution Fellowship Service, we'll host an open sharing circle. We’ve all been through a lot in recent times. Come share how you feel about life in these times and or listen to others share their experiences and feelings. Sometimes being heard and felt does wonders for letting go and healing.

Circle facilitated by long time healer Ciel Walko (acupuncturist, naturopath and frequency medicine) and founder of the Paradigm Shift Meeting Group and organizer of the Camp Disclosure 2020-Awakening Ascension Consciousness event. She can be reached at

Sound Healing Journey (1pm to 2:30pm in the Riverside Yurt)

Layback and deeply relax and heal to the amazing and soulful musical vibrations of Jahidi as the river flows past. Let your heart and mind open and let go of what no longer serves you. 
Donations accepted. To hear Jahidi's soulful grooves and tribal beats visit

Celestial Soul Kirtan (3pm to 4:30pm in the Riverside Yurt)

Join Paloma Devi, Jahidi and Friends for world devotional music with Caribbean roots to blissfully move the voice, body and spirit.

Who We Are: Conversations  around natural law in an era  of commercial dominance. (3pm to 4:30 at the Purple Nation Station Tent) 

Join long time  community leader  - Truth I Manifest - to pick apart assumptions, agreements and history  in private and public spheres to gain comprehension of who we are and how to navigate a world constructed for the corporatization of everything.

Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary Spaces


Purple Nation Station Tent - a space for free and open expression


Riverside Yurt with deck - Enjoy this cozy space on the river.  


Guest House Wrap Around Porch - Sit and relax in the shade in a rocking chair and or rock out to music playing on the wrap around porch. Note - Inside of house is reserved for staff and house guests. WIFI available - PW is "loveandjoy".


Kid’s Zone - Trampoline area - Parent supervision suggested.


Fire pits - Barn fire pit for discussions and sharing. Fire pit at house for drumming and dancing.


Spa (Hot Tub, Sauna and Water Plunges in pond and river) Let your hair down and relax at the riverside spa. Swimsuits required.


The Forrest -  Enjoy 200 plus acres of river walks and mountain hikes on miles of trails and roads and two miles of river banks. Take a photo of the property map on the porch and take a self guided hike.


Free Enterprise Zone in the Grove (Front of Guest House)  

Venders offering high vibe food, beverage and deserts. Venders include:


Wolf Zen - Delicious and nutritious foods provided by certified health coach Kissa Wolf.


Silvermoon Chocolate - Delicious organic raw chocolates and beverages infused with love to open hearts and spirit.


Conscious Catering - Sustainably grown, local and organic food like Thai peanut cashew salad, vegan crepes, burritos, sushi, golden milk and other foods and elixirs.

Chinese Wellness Lounge  - Dr. Sarah Fields will be on hand to offer techniques and modalities focused on balancing the 5 elements. Donations  accepted for services. Learn more at

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