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Truth and Unity Rally Schedule


5:00 to 6pm - Mingle and mix with others in the park.


6 to 6:30pm - Welcome to the Truth and Unity Rally!

Welcome and brief introduction by Patrick Hennessey - founder  of Purple Nation USA.  He will share how Purple Nation USA - combining the Best of Red and Blue - was inspired in response to the 2021 January US Capitol events and the subsequent widening divisions.  He will also share how the truth and unity movement in the USA is growing as people awaken and unify.

National Anthem sung by professional opera singer Kim Hughes.

Intention/Prayer for Envisioning the World We Desire  accompanied by singing bowel and led by spiritual activists - Beth Baldino and Kim Hughes.

Mikala Francisco - will read her poem "Eagle's Perspective" on unity and share an invocation for bridging polarization

6:30 to 8pm - Scheduled Presenters and Performers

Following the welcome/introduction each presenter/performer will have approximately 5 minutes each in the following order:

Zen Honeycutt  - Founder of Mothers Across America - will share her journey of healing her  own children from GMO and glyphosate poisoning and her alliance with Robert Kennedy Junior and the Children's Health Defense in helping thousands of others recover.

Laurel Kitten - long  time activist, visionary and artist - will speak on "Saving the soul of humanity during a time of war and prophecy".

Jennie Byers - Spiritualist, Medium and Activist  at, will be sharing what Spirit has taught her about the  power and spirit of truth that sets us free through our courageous surrender to it.


Jerry Donoghue - founder of the Asheville Compassionate Communication Center - will be  performing his song "Empathy Heals the Divide" and sharing about the healing power of empathy.

Aslan Walkon -Community Activist and Focalizer, Ceremonialist and Story Teller, Ordained Minister and Devoted Father.  He will share his prayers for unity, one love and peace that have been honed from his decades long dedication to the Rainbow community and visions.

Natalie  Rose Martin is the newly elected moderator of the Buncombe County Committee of Safety.  She’s going to share about people's assemblies and how we can stop consenting to the overreach of corporate control and restore our constitutional republic.

Joseph Aldo is an intuitive Holistic  Healer with a PhD in Natural Health and a pioneer in the Sovereignty movement.  As a founding member of the Committee of Safety of Buncombe County,  he will speak about the spiritual aspect of Sovereignty and the return  to unity  consciousness. He will also speak about the "Notice of Liability"  (NOL) and the power that We The People have in holding our public servants accountable.

Truth I Manifest - Community leader, musician and Natural Law/trust consultant will share his knowledge about what it means to be a sovereign and natural human in modern times.


Jon McMakin - patriot and natural law advocate, will presenting on what he calls the "American Trinity" -  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as well as God's natural law.  He will remind us that We are Kings and Queens of our domain and we need to assume 100% responsibility and accountability for our decisions and actions. 


Eco Lake (Devin) - was a participant in the NYC General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street. As a communitarian he's dedicated to cultivating autonomous and resilient communities.  He will share insights on how grass roots movements can successfully navigate within the larger society.

Jon Prophett - artist and activist from Austin Texas - will share inspirational music.

Kevin Silva is a volunteer with the North Carolina branch of the national Forward Party whose  motto is Not Left, Not Right - But forward! He will be sharing about the Forward Party's advocacy for Ranked Choice Voting, non-partisan open primaries, independent redistricting commissions, term limits, age limits and limiting the massive amount of money that drives our politics.

Eric McCool - voluntarist and perma culture visionary will speak on the general lack of credibility and accountability of government, and the need for we the people to demand higher standards for those we elect.

Maureen Drummond -  Former investigative journalist, grassroots leader and activist for over 2 decades. Maureen shares her experience of her child's decent into autism after vaccine injury in 1991 that launched her search for the truth.  During this journey she found support and allies in Robert Kennedy Junior  and the Children's Health Defense that he founded. She is now a strong supporter of Robert Kennedy Junior for President.

Maureen McDonnell - long time nurse, vaccine injury specialist and founder of Millions Against Medical Mandates, will speak on the power of collaboration & focusing on solutions for a brighter future.

Laurie Timmermann has traveled extensively with a career in global economic and political development. She will be sharing how we can overcome corrupt and rigged political and economic systems and corporate power by local living economies and with honest government reforms.

Joe Sinopoli - performance artist and activist,  will give a high octane presentation on why he supports Robert Kennedy Junior  as the next President of the United State.

Jeremy Koester - is a father of three, and Epigenetic Coach and master teacher. He will share how we can make it through all of this together by stepping into sovereignty and freedom with joy as we practice being together.

Ada Khoury, beloved local folk/country musician, will perform a couple of inspired songs.

8 to 9pm - Open Mic - Stand Up and Speak Up

We've left time on stage for those who feel called to step  up and speak up about what's on their hearts and mind. Speakers will be called to the stage in the order of the sign up sheet. Each speaker will be given up to three minutes.

9 to 10pm - Mix and Mingle and network with those you connect with. 

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