Unity and Truth Rallies in Downtown Asheville in March

Are You ready to show up and speak up for Unity, Truth and Freedom?

Join us every Saturday in March of 2022 at the former Vance Monument to celebrate our right to freely assemble, speak freely and celebrate freedom!

Like we did during October of 2021, we'll meet at the former Vance Monument at noon to meet up, finalize our signs, banners and flyers and then parade through downtown Asheville. We'll share information, smiles and invite fellow citizens to join us for a spirited Rally for truth and unity at the monument from 2 to 4pm.


The Rally will be an open microphone event, including amazing speakers, poets, musicians and dancers.  Come celebrate our freedoms and exercise your right to  share a few words, a song, a poem and enjoy the company of other freedom lovers.


Let's move beyond false divisions and propaganda and come together in the spirit of celebrating free speech and free assembly and seeking the truth together.

Feel free to dress festive and bring shakers and instruments. We'll have materials for creating signs and there will be musicians, singers, and drummers to raise the vibe and energy.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

Purple Nation, the event sponsor, invites all Americans to move beyond the divisions of party dogma, race, gender, religion and combine the best of "Red" and "Blue" values into a unified purple.

Please invite your friends and family and share this event on your page. This is a family friendly event and everyone is invited - masked or unmasked, Republican or Democrat, V@x or no v@x, White or Black and everyone in-between.

To learn about other freedom and unity events in the Asheville area visit TheUnityWeb.org for details and a calendar of events.