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Trusted Resources

Go beyond the Main Stream Media Narrative to find the Truth. Get past the corporate media distortions and censorship and learn about the Real Robert Kennedy Jr. and the movement to reclaim our government. – founded and published by Robert Kennedy, Jr. (nephew of President JFK), provides a wealth of resources and studies on health concerns and solutions that typically will not be seen in the mainstream media. - is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source, published by award winning journalist James Corbett since 2007 as an outlet for independent analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. – the mind blowing movies - Thrive 1 (2011) and Thrive 11 (2021) and the movement. The Thrive movement explores the reality and distortions of our global economic, political, environmental and spiritual situation and provides holistic solutions to create a just and sustainable world where life can thrive. – Comprehensive collection of articles and essays on society, health, spirituality, economy and politics. – Millions Against Medical Mandates is a coalition of doctors, scientists, organizations and activists working together to prevent medical mandates. Their website provides in depth alternative information about the deeper realities of Covid-19, vaccines, masks and the politics behind it all. - Hosted by Del BigTree, provides in depth interviews, videos and articles about Covid-19, the vaccine and the medical, social and political aspects. The information presented is largely unreported and censored in the main stream media. - The hub for all WNC events that are in alignment with solidarity! Promote your own events or see what our community is offering! Let's support each other in our creations !

Got a Suggested Resource? Contact us BELOW if you’d like to suggest documentaries, videos, websites and podcast you think we should in our resources.

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