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Koka Shastra Book In Urdu Language ##TOP##

The Book contains the above information from the all religions we know. This book about Koka Shastra is a part of research about Koka Shastra and the best book for research about Koka Shastra. The above information is the common for all religions. In this Book we also know about Koka Shastra and the above information is the information of Koka Shastra and it contains the basic information of Koka Shastra.

Koka Shastra Book In Urdu Language

The above content is the information for you will read more and it will make you understand more about the Koka Shastra. The above information is the details about Koka Shastra that is enough for you you can understand the Koka Shastra and many more about the Koka Shastra and it is the books about the Koka Shastra in Urdu and Persian .

The Book is best Koka Shastra Book for research about Koka Shastra. This book is the research based book about Koka Shastra so if you are looking for book about Koka Shastra then this book is the right book for you and the content of the book is based on facts.

The complete versions of sex manuals in Persian and Sanskrit were known in the 10th century A.D. in the Indian subcontinent, written by Tantrasiras and Vatsyayana respectively. They sought to outline the sexual position, the methods for lovemaking and fertilization and issues related to women's health. This was followed by Prataparudra in c. 900 A.D. who later became known as vatsyayana. His text dealt with topics such as coitus, vaginal and clitoral lovemaking and relations with women. However, this manual which was extremely popular, soon spread to other South Asian countries. It was this that encouraged the creation of a similar manual in Kashmir in about 1036 A.D. by another writer Munir Kashmiri. Koka Shastra is a treatise on sex, sexual positions and methods for lovemaking by Koka Pandit.

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