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Self Hosted Open Source Alternative To Zapier, IFTTT, Flow,

When it comes to free Zapier alternatives, n8n is the best. It's a self-hosted, fair code application (they also have a cloud version), which means anyone can download and modify it to their heart's content. n8n's interface is built around nodes, and involves placing visual elements on a grid and "wiring" them together. This gives you the ease that comes with drag-and-drop, with more complexity than other platforms.

Self Hosted Open Source Alternative to Zapier, IFTTT, Flow,

This article talks about a free self-hosted open-source alternative to Zapier, IFTTT, Flow, and n8n is a workflow automation tool that lets you automate custom tasks. This tool allows you to create node-based workflows where you can select starting, intermediates, and end nodes (services) and create custom workflows.

Currently, you can create automate custom workflow with n8n but you have to deploy them manually, in other words, workflow automation is self-hosted. But a hosted version of n8n is under development which will be released in the near future. The hosted version would be identical to services like Zapier where you just have to log in and activate the workflow, no manual deployment needed.

n8n is a nice open-source alternative to other popular workflow automation services like Zapier, IFTTT, Flow,, etc. Since it is only self-hosted at the moment so creation and deployment of workflows are a bit complicated. But n8n provided detailed documentation to help you through that process. Also, a hosted version is in work which makes it easy to create and deploy the workflow just like Zapier but free.

N8n is a true outlier in the workflow automation space. As an open-source tool, it allows you to self-host and create your own automations for free. By using their editor and list of available apps, you can make basic connections before venturing into adding JavaScript functions, conditional logic, or custom HTTP requests.


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