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Free Download Sims 2 Double Deluxe No Cd Crack

I installed the base game and replaced the old sims2.exe with the crack also running compatibility mode (Windows XP (SP3)). Still asks me for the Disc. Even when I mount the disc it doesnt work. Please assist

Free Download Sims 2 Double Deluxe No Cd Crack


does anyone have a problem with direct x9c when i play my version of the game (sims 2 double deluxe) i dont not get this error. the moment i try using these versions. i get a direct x 9 issue. do you know how to solve it. im using a intel 4790k, nvidia gtx970 running on windows 10 pro. i have tried using a windows xp virtual machine but i got the same no graphics card supporting direct x9c error.

Note: If your laptop does not have a CD-rom drive (most new systems with Windows 10 do not!), you can purchase an external CD-rom drive. They are very affordable, and in my opinion, this is safer than using a CD crack or questionable download to run your game.

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