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Friday Night, October 6th at Pack Square 

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Let’s Heal the Divide and Restore Our Freedoms!
Sponsored by Purple Nation USA

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Are you ready to move beyond false divisions, propaganda and party dogma?

Join us Friday night, October 6th in

downtown Asheville in Pack Square Park,

as we seek and share the truth together and celebrate our common values.

This free event will start at 6pm & wrap up by 10pm.

We will be hosting over two dozen amazing activists, community leaders, musicians, singers and poets presenting on the amphitheater stage.

See the presenters and schedule.

We will focus on how together we can move past the many divisions that are tearing America apart and cultivate peace
and unity.

Representatives from Purple Nation USA and the Kennedy Campaign for President will be sharing as well as others committed to unity.

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Purple Nation invites all Americans to move beyond the divisions of party dogma, race, gender, religion and combine the best of "Red" and "Blue" values into a unified purple.

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Join Purple Nation USA as we move beyond false divisions and party dogma to seek unity, truth and sovereignty with fellow Americans.

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