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Kennedy Fest

 Are you ready to declare your independence from corporate captured two party politics?

Unite with other Americans who are combining the best of red and blue to cultivate the common ground of purple at Kennedy Fest 24 (Sept 27-29th).

 We'll celebrate what we and Kennedy can agree on like - ending the endless wars, restoring the health of Americans and our agriculture and reclaiming our corporate captured government.

To learn more about Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his ideas for America as President visit

Sacred Mountain Waters

Enjoy hiking on 200 plus acres of mountains, valleys and rivers and swim, hot tube and sauna at the spa

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Purple Nation invites all Americans to move beyond the divisions of party dogma, race, gender, religion and combine the best of "Red" and "Blue" values into a unified purple.

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Join Purple Nation USA as we move beyond false divisions and party dogma to seek unity, truth and sovereignty with fellow Americans.

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